Some kind words from people I’ve worked with.

Jane Bruton, Former Editor of Grazia and Deputy Editor & Director of Lifestyle, Daily Telegraph: “When Miranda was contributing editor of Grazia, she worked closely with myself and my senior team, both editing on the desk and writing some brilliant features (often at break-neck speed!). Her Grazia highlights included a ‘Challenge Anneka’ on the Algarve to interview Kate McCann, filing a fantastic coverline interview in 45 mins from an internet café. She also gave a voice to survivors of the 7/7 bombs, two days after it happened. She’s a wonderful first person writer, but can equally turn her hand to celebrity interviews, pitch in as a ‘copy doctor’, is accurate and extremely versatile. I’ve regularly called on her freelance skills since I became Deputy Editor/Lifestyle Director of The Telegraph.”

Deborah Joseph, Editor- in-Chief, GLAMOUR, Condé Nast: “Miranda is one of the best writers and editors I’ve worked with. Her copy is sparkling, witty, and concise. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Ellie Hughes, Editorial Director, Holland & Barrett Account, River Group: “Miranda is one of the best features brains out there, able to find the angle, spin or detail that really sets an article apart. Her writing is beautiful and she’s a talented, creative editor too.”

Hermione Ireland, International Sales Director, Hachette Publishing UK: “Miranda is one of the smartest and most creative people I know with an exceptionally fast mind. She’s a great people person, and an organiser and achiever.”