Sleep and insomnia

My book, The Insomnia Diaries: How I Learned To Sleep Again (£9.99) was published by Octopus in June 2021. Available for pre-order on Amazon, Waterstones, and other places.

I enjoyed a wide range of publicity around the launch, including Femail, the Telegraph Magazine, talkRADIO, Woman’s Hour, RTE 1, the Stylist literary festival and the LoveReading festival, Readers’ Digest and the Gabby Logan Mid-point podcast.

I have written extensively on the top of sleep and insomnia. My column Insomnia Diaries was published by the Daily Telegraph.

My Telegraph articles can be accessed by registering your email address to view two free articles per week. Also available via Facebook.

My blog, Tales of an Insomniac can be found here.

My agent, Charlotte Seymour, of Andrew Nurnberg Associates, can be found here.

Praise for the Insomnia Diaries column:

Matt Morgan, Intensive Care Consultant and the author of Critical, Science and stories form the brink of human life (Simon and Schuster): “Miranda has a rare ability to write about her own medical issues in a funny, engaging, yet selfless way. We all gain important insights as well as a smile by reading her wonderful columns.”

Dr Sophie Bostock, CBT expert and “The lovely thing about Miranda’s columns is that not only are they rooted in personal experience, but they are well researched and evidence-based. While most authors regurgitate superficial quick ‘sleep tips’, Miranda manages to combine wit and brevity with actionable steps to bring empathy and hope to poor sleepers.”  

Chris Winter, MD @SportSleepDoc (neurologist and ‘sleep doctor’ to elite athletes including the US women’s soccer world champions), and author of The Sleep Solution: “Wow. This is such a good article. I have spent decades in this field and cannot explain why the topic of sleep misperception is not covered more. It’s real and it’s a huge problem. Sleep perception≠ Sleep reality. High praise.”

Roy Parvin, author of My Year of Sleeping Dangerously (t/c 2020) US: “Miranda is wise and hilarious.”